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  • Entreprise de nettoyages
  • Facility Management
  • ŗ GenŤve, Lausanne et suisse romande
Besson consulting

25 years experience in general services, in the same position today its customers, namely as business services officer, after many formations we decided to put our skills available in following goals:

     New solutions for better control in the areas of services and benefits.
     Ensuring a quality report, prices in relation to your expectations and thus be able to concentrate solely on your circle of competence.
     You provide the skills necessary to manage these schedules contingencies through a trusted partner.

We ensure complete transparency and impartiality, and of course, competitive costs compared to internal management, retaining the responsiveness necessary this without the hassles associated with management.

Our Commitment to give meaning to the word service means: Quality, Availability, listen, trust.

Notre entreprise est active dans toute la Suisse, bassin lémanique et Suisse romande (Lausanne, Genève...)